The Tech Leader Program 

Building your skills, reputation and career as a skilled and valuable Tech Leader.
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Your Career As
an Influential
Tech Leader

Corporate tech Leader?

fractional CTO?

Need A Tech Leader?

Are you a talented software engineer who wants to make the leap to engineering leader?
This track is for you to learn and practice the key skills every leader must master.
The 9-step Career Accelerator Framework will guide you to build your reputation as a valuable Tech Leader.
Is it time to step up your control and income by helping startups as a Fractional CTO?
We give you the playbook, coaching, and opportunities for becoming an fCTO. 
In this track we combine the Tech Leader Program and the Entrepreneurial Engineer Framework to give you the skills you need to be your own boss.
Does your company need a skilled Tech Leader?

Do you have someone in your company who needs to build their leadership and non-technical skills?
Or are you looking for a trained Tech Leader?

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9 Powerful Steps

Your Career Accelerator Framework

1. Your Unique Value Proposition

2. Create Your Career Acceleration Roadmap

3. Develop A Powerful Personal Brand 

4. Grow as a Leader

5. Master Management

6. Skilful Influencing

7. Decision Making & Problem Solving

8. Hiring And
Team Building

9. Delegation, Accountability & Results

Three Core Elements

Immediate access to powerful knowledge and talented people who want to see you succeed.


Twice weekly live group coaching and 1 on 1 monthly 30 minute coaching calls with Stephen to discuss how to apply your new knowledge and skills in the real world.


 Lifetime access to the video vault full of trainings on the non-technical skills that make all the difference in how you work:


Build a powerful network with like-minded and supportive individuals with different perspectives and experience. 
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