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The Code Clinic

The Tech Leader Engineer Program shortens the time it takes for a junior to be recognized as a valuable Senior Engineer.
Every CTO needs engineers who can help them control their projects. The Engineer Program will give you the skills to take the first step on the ladder to becoming a Tech Leader. 
Accelerate your coding and design skills by receiving expert advice from senior engineers and CTOs when you join the weekly Tech Leader Code Clinic.
In just 12 Weeks 

Jump From Junior To Senior Engineer

1. Create Your Career Accelerator Roadmap

2. Understand People And Create Results

3. The 4-step Decision Making Process

4. Workflows for Maximum Productivity

5. Your Genius Zone & Imposter Syndrome

6. Influencing Without Power 

7. Fast Debugging and Automated Testing

8. Stepping Into Leadership

9. Thinking Time Verses Coding Time

10. Understanding high level System Design

11. Networking Skills To Boost Your Career

12. Deal With And Adapt To Rapid Change

Three Core Elements

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.


Weekly live group coaching and mentoring calls to discuss how to apply your new knowledge and skills in the real world.


 Lifetime access to the video vault full of career changing knowledge. 


A complete built-in social network for connecting with your students. The only online course platform that helps your students connect with peers.
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