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Why did we start Tech Leaders?

Todd and Stephen created Tech Leaders after recognizing that they had been trying to solve the same problem from two different perspectives.

Todd was an experienced software engineer who had to teach himself the leadership and business skills he needed to become an effective Tech Leader.

He was frustrated that he had to piece together the information he needed from many different sources by learning things the hard way and Todd realized he wasn't the only one who lacked these essential non-technical skills.

After working with many brilliant engineers who had built their careers with their strong technical skills, Todd realized they had the same problem.

Technical knowledge on its own wasn’t enough to help them be successful as they moved into managerial and leadership positions.

New skills were needed.

When Stephen met Todd, Stephen had taught and mentored thought workers from many different industries on leadership, people and business skills for over twenty years.

Working within the tech sector has always been his favorite because the tech sector's logical and practical approach mirrored his views on teaching people skills. More than ever, the world needs brilliant and inspirational Leaders with excellent tech skills.

Tech Leaders was created to make sure our members become those strong Engineering Leaders.
Stephen has brought a practical and pragmatic approach to behavior change and leadership mentoring for over 30 years. He has extensive experience working with individuals and teams across the globe with his first company, Certain Change and now with Tech Leaders.Stephen focuses on providing mentoring and training that is instantly useable in the real world. The phrase he likes to hear most is "that makes sense".

Stephen Bates 

As a startup advisor, former Global Platform Engineer at and Founding Engineer at, Todd has 13 years of experience building and scaling consumer products in startup mode and at-scale.From building high performance engineering teams to shipping scalable products that customers love, Todd focuses on moving fast and leading teams to create a positive impact on the world with technology.

Todd Larsen

Tech Leaders is on a mission to give the Tech Sector the expert Leaders is needs.


We respect the privacy of our members as they grow their career. Here's what a few of our members have to say about our program.

S.K. (UK)

Stephen and Todd are passionate about solving a variety problems in the tech space and are invested in their members growth.

As a manager, I can now lead my team much more efficiently and have used the valuable resources taught to me to not only get the best out of my team but help them grow too.

D.B. (US)

I appreciated the clarification between the two concepts/definitions of leadership and managing.
Using real world examples and identifying which part of the situation was leadership vs management was very helpful in the distinction between the two.

J.L. (US)

I was ready to take my career to the next level. Having a weekly mastermind mentoring calls combined with watching the training videos, I’ve really noticed a change in my behavior and thinking.

I’ve been more strategic with my thinking.


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